Get stronger through CrossFit in the Southern Salinas Valley

Richard Russell Crossfit is a veteran owned CrossFit gym. Workout with your new fitness community, and thrive together in Soledad CA.

CrossFit can be difficult to start and manage.

CrossFit requires exercise schedules, instructor guidance, and specialized equipment.

CrossFit gyms are there to help with that.

But the nearest CrossFit gyms are a long drive away from the southern Salinas Valley.

RRCF can help you with that.

Richard Russell CrossFit is the new CrossFit gym for southern Salinas Valley.

Our Soledad gym guides members with the best instructors, best equipment, and easy class sign ups.

Easy Steps to Start

Step 1: Try A Free Class

Reserve your spot with the easy class sign up schedule.

  • November19Tuesday
    5:30 PM 7:00 PM
  • November19Tuesday
    7:00 PM 8:30 PM
  • November20Wednesday
    5:00 AM 6:30 AM
  • November20Wednesday
    Open Gym
    11:00 AM 1:30 PM
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Step 2: Show Up


Step 3: Join!

If you love your class join our gym. Pay for memberships and classes at the gym.

Meet your trainers

Our trainers are CrossFit Level 1 Trainers (CF-L1), they have been trained in the fundamentals of CrossFit and nutrition. They understand that no two bodies are alike and will work with you to get fit at the right pace.

Kacy Smith & Joshua Fernandez:

Kacy’s interest in CrossFit began in 2015 when Josh started training her to compete in her first Open (2016). Her love for CrossFit is fueled by her passion for strength training, yoga and running. Kacy’s method of training involves perseverance in mental and emotional strength in all areas, pushing her clients to new and transformational levels of life. She has attended the CrossFit Level 1 Course, CrossFit Gymnastics, CrossFit Kettlebell, and CrossFit Aerobic Capacity courses.

Sports Conditioning, Weight Management, Strength Training, Yoga

Joshua first discovered his passion for CrossFit back in 2012 while on a deployment to Afghanistan with the army. He has pursued his love for CrossFit ever since. Joshua approaches his own training with patience and resolve and brings that same attitude to his clients. He has attended the CrossFit level 1 Course, CrossFit Weight lifting, CrossFit Kettlebell, and CrossFit Aerobic Capacity courses.

CrossFit Weight Lifting, Strength Training, Kettle bell Training, Sports Conditioning

Meet the doggos

Meet Onyx:

Onyx is the perfect dog for your romwod session or mobility session. With his very relaxed demeanor, and easy going life style, he is sure to help you get into the postures you need to….. or maybe just show you how to do a proper “rebound”.. anyway he is part of our greeting crew!

Meet Tucker:

Tucker may look fierce, but all he wants is love and attention….and maybe a steak or two! He’s a Catahoula/American bulldog mix with a big heart and loves to talk to you. He’s our emotional support dog that will comfort you, or lick you to death, as you’re recovering on the floor after the workout.

Get CrossFit workouts closer to home.

Our trainers empower members of all shapes and sizes to become healthier, happier and more confident.

What you will do

Strength Training

Build muscle and bone density with us by combining a range of weight bearing exercises. Our trainers will teach you perfect form.

Cardio & Intervals

Lose fat and tone up by keeping your metabolism at peak rate for longer. The RRCF team will push you hard to reach your goals.

Balance & Flexibility

Quiet the mind and stretch the muscles with Yoga implemented in each workout.